Parks & Museums Tour

Reserve this tour now on the Bookings & Enquiries page.London is awash in both museums and open green spaces. The good news is that almost every one of both types is open daily and free of charge. A guided walk through the royal parks or a specialised visit to one of the capital’s well-endowed museums or cutting-edge galleries will show you things and give you insights you would never have discovered on your own. View slideshow ↓

British Museum
British Museum
Egyptian mummies, the Elgin Marbles and the Rosetta Stone is just part of the story. A three-hour visit will spotlight treasures stretching over 7000 years – including an ancient Babylonian game board, love letters in Latin and medieval jewellery. Creative Commons | Jun
St James's Park in the rain
St James's Park
The most manicured of London’s royal parks also has the best vistas, including those of Westminster, St James’s Palace and Horse Guards Parade; the best view of Buckingham Palace in London is from the footbridge spanning the park’s lake. Creative Commons | Garry Knight
Inside the National Gallery
The National Gallery
One of the largest and finest art galleries in the world counts more than 2000 works on display, tracing European painting from the 13th to the early 20th century. A two-hour tour will highlights works from Flemish and Dutch Old Masters to Italian Renaissance and French Impressionists. Creative Commons | Rudolf Schuba
A swan in Hyde Park
Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens
Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens are divided by a lake called the Serpentine but together form a huge open space – the largest in London – with an embarrassment of fine sculpture, a cutting-edge gallery, the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain and Kensington Palace, currently the address of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Creative Commons | Jon Colverson
The Tate Modern
The Tate Modern
This onetime power station now contains London’s most visited site, a repository of 20th-century art that can often entertain as much as it inspires and perplexes. The collection is grouped along four themes with a timeline – from Picasso to the so-called YBAs (Young British Artists). Creative Commons | Damien du Toit

Did you know?

Many of London’s parks were royal hunting grounds in the Middle Ages and did service as vegetable gardens during WWII.